Motive Power


  • LHRT/ LASTA#: CRI&P 745
  • Model: RS-1
  • Builder: American Locomotive Company (ALCO)
  • Build Date: May 1943
  • Specifications: Build #70819
  • Road Numbers: CRI&P #745; PPG X12

This road switcherwas built by ALCO for the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad. The locomotive was later sold to PPG Industries in Lake Charles, LA and was number X12. LRM acquired the locomotive from PPG and it now operates as our primary yard switcher.

The RS-1 model has the distinction of having the longest production run of any diesel locomotive for the North American market and “Agnes” is believed to be one of the oldest RS-1 still in service.


H.K. Porter (CN5731)

  • LHRT/ LASTA#: None
  • Model:  0-4-0  3-Tank Compressed Air
  • Builder:   H.K. Porter (CN5731)
  • Build Date: Nov 1915
  • Specifications:

A compressed air locomotive is similar to a conventional steam locomotive except that it operates using an air reservoir that is charged from a stationary compressor.  This locomotive was used by the New Orleans Sewage and Water Board.  LRHT acquired the locomotive in working condition.

Sold to the Age of Steam Roundhouse (more info


Amtrak E9A

Model:  E9A (Ser # 26673 )
Builder:   General Motors Electo-Motive Division (EMD)
Build Date: Aug 1961
Specifications: UP Order 7604-A;  2400 horsepower; A1A-A1A trucks; 343,400 pounds operating weight
Road Numbers:
UP 909A
Amtrak 1414 (May 1972 Lease)
Amtrak 414 ( Dec 1973 Purchase)
Amtrak 4037 (Finial move)

EMD built the E9 Locomotives from 1954 to 1964.  The E9’s best-known role was in powering American passenger trains from the 1950s well into the late 1970s.  When Amtrak was founded in 1971, they acquired many of the units from UP, BN and the other railroads as they discontinued their passenger operations.

This locomotive was probably leased by Amtrak and operated at 1414. After purchasing the unit, Amtrak renumbered it to 414 and later 4037.   After it’s retirement in 1973, it was sold for surplus and moved to the LASTA yard. The prime movers and majority of the other equipment have been removed from the unit.