Engineer’s Journal – April 10, 2005

Published by Bill Johnson on

Today started out with an early phone call from the motel telling us we had to leave our room. After getting this problem worked out, we headed over to the train. We had to get the train ready to move so that we could go into the yard and let the local from Mossville pass over the wye. We’d had difficulty with the replacement radio toning the dispatcher the day before and I decided to try another loaner radio which wouldn’t power up.

I put the other radio back in and determined that we could tone okay with the one we have by using a slightly different procedure. After the local passed by, we backed to the station and put the train back on the south leg of the wye. That concluded our operations for the day and we were able to see the rest of DeQuincy’s sights during the day.

on Engineer’s Journal – April 10, 2005