Engineer’s Journal – April 20, 2005

Published by Bill Johnson on

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 -It was another early morning. I left the Residence Inn at 4:45 am to get to the train in time to do press interviews with Channel 4 the local ABC affiliate.Mr.. Richard, a 90-year-old retired locomotive engineer who had actually operated 745, was on hand for some interesting discussions and interviews. After wrapping up the TV work, the yard job was notified and they came to return the train to track 454 so we could commence our 31-day inspection. During the move, I was interviewed by John Prime of the Press.

After being moved back to our temporary home on track 454, we started preparing for the inspection. This included removal of the sight glasses and associated piping and running a gun cleaning brush through them. All the washout plugs had to be removed and we hooked a fire hosed up to each washout plug opening to flush accumulated scale and sediment out of the boiler. 

All six fusible plugs had to be removed from the crown sheet and inspected and reinstalled. After doing a few other procedures, we buttoned up the boiler and filled it with water. Keith Bonnette got stuffed into the firebox so that all the stay bolts could be hammer tested. The FRA inspector passed the locomotive but we had a few minor things that needed to be done to the cars.


After a hard day’s work, we all went to an area Mexican Restaurant where it was dollar margarita night. Thank goodness they didn’t have karaoke like the Iron Horse Pub did in DeQuincy!