Engineer’s Journal – April 21, 2005

Published by Bill Johnson on

Thursday, April 21  -Today we focused our attention to other maintenance issues. First, we had to meet the fuel truck. I repacked the air pump and we also tried to back off the nut on the rod pin that got hot. We were able to back it off some, but it was really tight. We treated the rod pin with a compound that I had mixed up in Lexington before I returned to Shreveport. We also started moving our tools and other equipment back onto the locomotive in preparation for the next leg of our long trip. The locomotive was greased, the air pump serviced and topped off with lubricant, and the mechanical lubricator was filled.

We ran to the grocery store and picked up steaks and other supplies and had a cookout next to the train. We closed out the evening with a couple of rounds of golf inside the Jefferson Car before returning to the Residence Inn and calling it a night.