Engineer’s Journal – April 22, 2005

Published by Bill Johnson on

Friday, April 22, 2005 -We finally got to sleep in a little and get some much-needed rest. We headed out to the train and started the fire around 11:30 this morning. While building steam, we dealt with a number of additional maintenance items, fueled the locomotive, and Keith Bonnette pressure washed the locomotive.

We finished moving our tools and other supplies out of storage in the crew car and back onto the locomotive in final preparation for our departure tomorrow morning. Mike Hankins finished greasing the locomotive and we attempted to pump more grease into the problem pin. The top grease fitting accepted grease fine, but the center fitting on the pin took a lot of pressure but wouldn’t feed grease to the pin. We surmised that the passageways were blocked with carbon from the earlier rod incident south of Leesville and I’m in hopes that my treatment compound will break up the carbon and open the passageways.