Engineer’s Journal – March 30, 2005

Published by Bill Johnson on

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 – David, Bill Morris and I had to be at the station for TV interviews with CBS affiliate channel 4. Later in the day, I did an interview with Louisiana Public Broadcasting who has been documenting a lot of the work with 745.


One of the visitors to the train was an old gentleman who was a switchman on the job hauled 745 dead in tow over the Huey Long bridge in 1956 when she was placed in the park. They took pictures of him and me together since I was going to be one of the crew to take her back over the bridge under steam.

Lee Gautreaux showed up with a guitar so we picked on the platform for a little while. Some of the LASTA gang jokingly put a plastic bin in front of us and threw some pocket change in it. Some of the public walked by and threw dollar bills in so we raised about $6.50 Tonight we drove to Ray and Marie Duplechain’s and had a wonderful dinner and visit.