Engineer’s Journal – April 19, 2005

Published by Bill Johnson on

Tuesday, April 19 – The day started at 5 am. David and I flew back on an early flight to Shreveport on a day that was quite nice. When we got to the Residence Inn where we had made our reservations, we were told that we had no reservations and that they were full. We were finally able to ascertain that they had my name in the computer wrong and that was the problem. After we checked in, we received a phone call that the train would be moved this afternoon to a piggyback yard for media sessions tomorrow morning and wouldn’t be returned to track 454 until 2:30 tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

This has thrown us into a panic since we’ve scheduled our 31 day FRA inspection for tomorrow and the FRA inspector is already in town. This means that we won’t be able to do the 31 day tomorrow since we can’t do a boiler wash at the location where they’re moving the train. After a number of phone calls, we got it worked out where the train will be moved back at 7 am tomorrow morning. We worked on the locomotive to begin preparations for the 31 day.