Yard Cleanup Day

Just as our dedicated core group of volunteers is starting the boiler rebuild of 745, a wrench has been thrown into our schedule.

We were just notified that a tree crew will be on-site in the next few weeks. Their plan is to clear some of the trees and brush along the west fence line. Unfortunately, we have lots of equipment, parts and other miscellaneous items stored next to the fence. Starting tomorrow morning we will begin the process of cleaning the area.

If you are available to help, please come out to the yard. Bring your work boots and gloves.

Yard Update

Today the crew completed the final work on track two. The switch was removed a few weeks ago and today the final spikes were driven to complete the new section. We moved two box cars across the new track and everything worked well. Track 2 is the last long section in the old yard.
Track one was removed a few weeks ago. Track 3 and 4 have been gone for nearly a year.

New Yard Update

The new “Discovery Track” is finally finished and is now home to the Sea Island and the Virginia Beach.  These cars will serve as our on-site offices and meeting room. The Sea Island is almost ready to occupy; however, the Virginia Beach still needs a complete interior remodel.

Yard Progress

While work continued on the new LASTA yard, we were visited by the Ellsworth Steam Trailer.   Jerry, our Chief Mechanical Officer, was hard at work obtaining measurements from a 1942 Marine Steam Engine.  Plans are to demonstrate this recently rebuilt engine at our upcoming Steam Fest.

The LASTA track crew continued working on the new track.   The first new switch has been moved into position and we should be making the connection to the main track soon.  The first leg should run parallel to our existing track.