745 Journal

[pdf-embedder url=”https://lasta.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/745-Journal-Fall-2011.pdf” title=”745 Journal Fall 2011″]Fall 2011 745 Journal

  • Coverage of the yard configuration
  • David Redman article on rail photography
  • KC trip journal by Patty Abbott
  • Rail Tales from Ray Duplechain
  • Volunteer Spotlight – Mr. Charlie,
  • David Bartee recalls his times and trips with LASTA.

745 Journal

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2011 Steamfest

2011 Steam Fest Info

The consist will be open for tours. We will have an exhibit providing an overview of the state bicentennial trip along with a maritime steam exhibit. This maritime exhibit will complement a large selection of maritime steam engines from a various marine craft all professionally restored. One of these engines will actually be run with steam fed from 745. The “Thomas” kiddie train will give rides. Multiple model train layouts will be there for the junior engineers. An inflatable train will be available for the kids to climb through. Operation Lifesaver will reinforce the rail crossing safety message.

The music line-up includes classic rock by “The Refugeze” and rock-a-billy by “Christian Serpas and Ghost Town” on Saturday. On Sunday the Bluegrass band “Hazel and the Delta Ramblers” play followed up by the 60’s and 70’s band “Liquid Peace Revolution”.  Food vendors will be on site along with cold drinks and frozen treats. The gift shop will be set up. And as always pets are welcome.

This is LASTA’s one and only fundraiser. We welcome everyone to come out and have fun with us to keep 745 in top shape. We look forward to seeing you there.

Yard Progress

While work continued on the new LASTA yard, we were visited by the Ellsworth Steam Trailer.   Jerry, our Chief Mechanical Officer, was hard at work obtaining measurements from a 1942 Marine Steam Engine.  Plans are to demonstrate this recently rebuilt engine at our upcoming Steam Fest.

The LASTA track crew continued working on the new track.   The first new switch has been moved into position and we should be making the connection to the main track soon.  The first leg should run parallel to our existing track.

745 Journal

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ICG MOW Cars and the Scrap Man!

LRHT was unable to find a buyer for the ICG MOW cars and they are now on the way to the scrap yard. The crew has also started cleaning up the inside of the Amtrak E9 with the hope that it may soon be on the schedule for a cosmetic restoration.

Railroad Benches

Four Railroad Benches for Sale  — $100 each

These Railroad Station Benches were built for and used in the 2008 movie “ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  They were used in the train station scene.  During filming, the set included only a few benches and a facade that was later filled out with complex 3D digital images of ornate ceilings, rows of windows and a large crowd. Check out the behind the scene details at Animation World Network.

  • Condition:  They are functional and very sturdy and look like the real thing.  Some of the veneer is loose but could be re-glued. They have been stored inside a railroad boxcar and are somewhat dusty.
  • Construction:  Composite /wood product  (not wafer/particle board) with laminate covering.
  • Size: They are a few inches short of 10 feet long,  4 feet  wide and  about 3 feet high.
  • Style: Double Side, Railroad Bench
  • Weight: There are 8 sets of back to back benches and are VERY HEAVY. 

They are not recommended for outdoor use and sold as-is.  Buyer is responsible for transportation; however, we will assist with loading.  Proceeds for the sale will be used for the operation and maintenance expenses of our historic steam locomotive – SP745.

2007 General Meeting


Mr. Amdal is our newest board member. He currently serves as the Director of the Merritt C. Becker Maritime and Intermodal Transportation Center (MITC) at the University of New Orleans. His experience in transportation infrastructure development and historic preservation will be a great asset to our organization. The remainder of the board is comprised of active crew members and long-time volunteers.

Steam Fest III

Visitors were also able to climb aboard our magnificent steam locomotive and our red caboose.

During the event, we maintained 50 lbs of steam so that visitors could feel her ‘alive’. Musical entertainment was provided by Rocky’s Hot Foxtrot Orchestra, Hazel and the Delta Ramblers and Gal Holiday and The Honky Tonk Revue.

745 Journal

Summer 2007 – Steam Fest preview announcing displays of the US Army Transportation Corps in WW2, Annual Inspection completed and FRA cleared 745 for operation after the low water incident. 745 stars in the independent film “Listerine on Sundays”, and calendars are provided as a perk of LASTA membership. Arrangements begin to have the Bisso locomotive moved to the LASTA yard. Community outreach program invites Cub Scouts for a visit yard to earn various badges and educational awards.

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745 Journal

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2006 General Meeting

LASTA held its first general meeting in the new Sea Island Visitors Center on November 2. The officers and team leaders provided information on our recent events and updated the membership on current projects. LASTA extended its lease on 745 and various pieces of equipment owned by Louisiana Railroad Heritage Trust (LRHT).

Louis Saillard reported that we gained 43 members during the month of October. Many joined during our successful “Steam Fest” that was held at Audubon Park. Harry Abbott was appointed as our new Safety Officer.

Steam Fest

LASTA held its first STEAM FEST with the locomotive and her exhibit train on display at Riverview Park behind Audubon Zoo on October 14 and 15. Music was provided by Dennis and Company , Country Fried , Pat Flory and Hazel and the Delta Ramblers. A special slide lecture was given by railroad historian Louis Saillard.

745 Journal

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