Railroad Benches

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Four Railroad Benches for Sale  — $100 each

These Railroad Station Benches were built for and used in the 2008 movie “ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  They were used in the train station scene.  During filming, the set included only a few benches and a facade that was later filled out with complex 3D digital images of ornate ceilings, rows of windows and a large crowd. Check out the behind the scene details at Animation World Network.

  • Condition:  They are functional and very sturdy and look like the real thing.  Some of the veneer is loose but could be re-glued. They have been stored inside a railroad boxcar and are somewhat dusty.
  • Construction:  Composite /wood product  (not wafer/particle board) with laminate covering.
  • Size: They are a few inches short of 10 feet long,  4 feet  wide and  about 3 feet high.
  • Style: Double Side, Railroad Bench
  • Weight: There are 8 sets of back to back benches and are VERY HEAVY. 

They are not recommended for outdoor use and sold as-is.  Buyer is responsible for transportation; however, we will assist with loading.  Proceeds for the sale will be used for the operation and maintenance expenses of our historic steam locomotive – SP745.

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