Photographer Safety Tips

Stay Off, Stay Away and Stay Alive

Photo: Lisa Baird / Pixabay
  • Trains cannot stop quickly to avoid people or vehicles on the track. They often take up to a mile or more to stop.
  • Vehicles should never stop on a Railroad Grade Crossing.
  • No person or vehicle should be within 15′ of the nearest rail.
  • Never stand between the rails – trains can overhang the tracks 3′ or more on either side.
  • An optical illusion makes it difficult to determine a train’s distance from you and its speed.
  • Railroad Tracks, Bridges, Trestles, Yards and Right of Ways are private property.
  • Never assume a track is abandoned or inactive. A train could approach from either direction without warning.
  • Streetcars are considered rail vehicles and have the same Right of Way as any train.

Railroad Crossing ENS – Every railroad grade crossing is equipped with an Emergency Notification System sign. This small blue sign lets you know who owns the railroad, the crossing ID#, and their emergency phone number. If someone is stuck on the crossing, if there is a problem with the signal or any other life safety emergency, please call the number and report it to the railroad.

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