SP 745 Historic Freight Pull On The NOGC HAS BEEN POSTPONED!!!

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The New Orleans and Gulf Coast Railroad has just told us that they are not expecting a grain train on the property until late October or sometime in November. The NOGC says we will get approximately 5 days notice on when a grain train is on the way and we will give all of you that same notice as well as a projected date and time for this historic run.

Again…those of you who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to hear if this historic event will happen, now is the time to make that all important donation to help the Louisiana Steam Train Association defray the enormous cost of this freight run. Many thousands of you have seen our post on Facebook and posted your excitement about this rare event. So think about it! If each one of you turns that excitement about our special steam freight excursion into a simple 1 dollar donation on our GoFundMe page…we would have more than enough money to pay for this once in a lifetime railroad event AND, with any extra money above and beyond the cost of this event, we would be well on our way toward the cost of rebuilding SP 745’s boiler next year as required by the FRA.

As previously stated, if for any reason this freight pull does not occur, your request for a refund will be honored. Rest assured, as soon as we get an exact date and time, you will be notified.

So how about it EVERYBODY! Click on our GoFundMe page and donate just 1 dollar and more if you can! Thanks! LASTA (Louisiana Steam Train Association)

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